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Busse exercise sheet Mosquito with fringes

  • 650 kr
  • 358 kr

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Artikelnummer: 1491
Leverantör: Busse

Fly riding rug for undisturbed riding fun with extra fringes on the lower end of the rug, which move back and forth while riding and thus drive away annoying insects

Material/material function:

close-meshed, hard-wearing mesh material

100% polyester

Fit/Equipment:Neck with Velcro fasteners, can also be rolled down and securely fastened with straps.

The neck part can be attached to the bridle with Velcro loops optimized cut-out for English saddles.

Lateral riding cut and reduced lateral depth for undisturbed and sensitive assistance reliable Velcro fasteners in the chest area with tail cover and deep hindquarter cord.