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Myler Small Baucher MB 02 B

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Artikelnummer: 2054
Leverantör: Myler

MB02 mouthpiece that curves slightly in the mouth, so the horse has the opportunity to swallow. At the same time, the mouthpiece has a cylinder in the middle that prevents it from collapsing and pinching the tongue.

The bit has a small suspension, so it fits the pony or the horse with a more noble head. The Baucher bit is a very good bit for the sensitive horse that needs a lot of calm in the mouth. It is not a hard bite, as many mistakenly believe, as the suspension does not mean that pressure is put on the neck.

This bite is well suited for the following disciplines:

Dressage (approved in FEI)




Tour riding


Horse, Level 1:

The horse has been trained very little or has only just started training.

The horse is learning the basics in relation to gaits, obedience and transitions.

Possibly. the horse has a challenging temperament.