Double Diamond repgrimma #100 Warmblood B

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Leverantör: Double Diamond


Double Diamond Knot Halter Stiff
Often imitated - never duplicated.
We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters.
Built by cowboys, tested by the broncs.
There is probably no better way to characterize the best knot halters in the world.
Made in the USA, of course.

The #100 halter is slightly stiffer than the halter from the Brannaman collection.
The 124s are hand-knotted from an 8mm thick polypropylene rope with a braided core and a 16-ply diamond-style braided sheath.
This diameter is often used by trainers and in horsemanship.
The double diamond halters are a real piece of horsemanship history.
They are very light, extremely durable, colour- and weather-resistant and excellently balanced.

Sizes: yearling (small Arabian head or yearling) Arab (Arabian head, halter size whole blood medium to large set) Horse (intermediate size between Arab/Thoroughbred and Warmblood) Warmblood (warmblood and small coldblood)